Module 1 – Production, Tools and Genres

Assignment 1 – Visual essay using still images

Create a series of 5-10 images that tell a story. You should use close-ups, medium shots and estabishing shots to build a visual narrative in a topic of your own choosing. Images should be 20×25 cm, and bring prints to the class for a group critique. Your essay should also be uploaded on the class web.


Module 2 – Narratives for Media Contexts

Assignment 2 – Visual essay using moving images and sound

Develop a 2–4 minute film from a key image in your visual essay of still images. Your screenplay/voice-over script should be maximum 2 A4. If using sound, write and record sound first, insert footage later. You may only use your own footage. You may add sound effects recorded live or stock sound. Give your film a title and insert end credits. Edit on Premiere and upload as .mp4 on the class web for viewing.

You will also submit a treatment, shot list, storyboard and screenplay.

Module 3 – Visual media project

Assignment 3 –  Film project

In groups, you will act as a film collective and produce a 5-10 minute film. You will follow the same instructions for pre-production, production and post-production as in assignment 2.

The film collective will submit a short paragraph about your film philosophy and you will first present your idea in a pitch forum, with a clear indication of the genre and how you will go about developing your idea from concept to final product. After feedback, you will then refine your idea and write a treatment and prepare for pre-production with a storyboard, shot list and additional materials in preparation for production. Film and edit your piece, give a title and credits, and upload it to the course web.

In addition to your film, the group will also submit the following materials:

  • A reflective essay about the motivation behind your film, the creative process, the production process, issues raised, etc. of 2,000-2,500 words. You will consider: issues in writing the script/synopsis for the film, decisions about roles and production schedule, the creative process from idea to final edit, the political/cultural/ideological context of your piece, the audience/distribution of the piece.
  • You will also consider your viewing context and explain which formal and conceptual decisions were made according to your choice of platform. (e.g. web/mobile platforms, screening room (cinema); art exhibition (consider the spatiality of the film); television, etc.)
  • All pre-production materials including the pitch, the treatment, shot list, storyboard and screenplay.

Assignment 4 – Narrative essay

In response to three given questions, write a narrative essay of 3,000-3,500 words. You must use references from at least 2 of the readings from the course literature and 3 film sources shown in class and/or of your own choice. Make sure to reference all sources properly using Chicago referencing system.